Human Resource Standards
This website is dedicated to HR Standards, HR Performance Auditing, HR Analytics and Organisational Performance through People.

Accountants have standards, Auditors have standards, why not HR?  Certifying HR practitioners: yesterday's agenda. Certifying organisations to National HR Standards: the time is now and the future is here. 

The significant issues facing HR Standards developers are:

* the need for them to apply to all organisations.

* they must not be too complex for the majority of users (most have 100 employees or less)

* they must address the outcomes we want from each organisational activity

* They must be generally accessible, not hidden behind expensive pay walls. 

* they need to be consistent across individual (competency) , organisational (activity) and higher educational teaching criteria.

* they should be evidence-based, with a regular review cycle.

* the progress so far is too slow. How can we hyper-motivate developers and content experts?

There is an obvious need to align:

Individual competency & certification criteria (certification, grading and membership)


University level HR teaching programs (qualifications)


Standards for HR activities (performance criteria).

Peak HR bodies generally concentrate on certification of individuals and HR qualifications standards. Standards for HR practice should be the focus, building on the what has already been achieved. Think it can't be done?  [Check out the SABPP HR Standards].

Quote of the week:  Agile is just fragile with a dash of hope - I'm a disagilitist.

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